Lean Service Design – Our Framework brings Structure To Service Design

5 Steps To Meaningful Service Design

Develop your business idea into a viable business service. With the five main canvases of LSD, you can come to a validated decision basis - fast, structured, user-centered and iterative

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Why is LSD So Powerful?

LSD gives Structure

A canvas confronts you step by step with one question at the time. This way you make sure that your team always works on the right scale and keeps the focus. In a collaborative setup this allows fast progress.

LSD is Collaborative

Lean Service Design is a collaborative approach to get the most out of a team without time-consuming meetings and with minimal documentation. That’s the way to learn fast and pivot.

LSD lets You validate Step by Step


LSD is Easy to Apply

Lean Service Design is there to be applied, not to be studied. Its simplicity makes it easy to learn and apply. This creates acceptance and quickly adds value for the entire organization.

Grow Your Business Faster With the LSD Framework

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Scaled Thinking

The respective “flight altitude” with which you consider an aspect of your service design is also decisive. Who doesn’t know this: You come to a kick-off meeting and the CEO gives a monologue about how important the project is and that we absolutely need an…

Lean Service Design Cycle

Welcome to the start of our series in which we would like to introduce you to the Lean Service Design Framework in all its facets. We will discuss the most important canvases, explain their objectives and strengths, as well as theoretical background information on important…