Re-innovate your business

Re-innovate your business

It's all about pivoting your business

We are convinced that every company has a great untapped potential for innovation. These innovations are not necessarily to be found on a "greenfield site". Rather, companies should focus on their existing capabilities and business models and drive innovation from there by questioning, learning and adapting. With our Lean Service Design approach we try to tap this potential and rethink your services and products in an innovative way.

We support you

With our canvas based Lean Service Design approach

Let's do it together 

You don't want to waste any time and want to quickly come up with innovative and valid service and product ideas? Let's tackle your challenges together. Get in touch with us and we will take off as part of your team.

Boost your innovation teams

You are already experimenting and pivoting and you want to do it systematically in order to get faster? We empower and facilitate your team and organization to apply Lean Service Design consequently in a continuous innovation cycle.

Be a fast innovator using Lean Service Design.

Together for meaningful innovations

The key to sustainable innovation is continuous learning and pivoting. We support you as part of your project team to bring your service design and digital projects efficiently and effectively to the target. We coach and moderate collaborative workshops, develop strategies and concepts and test them in prototypes with your customers.

We do it lean and collaborative

We bring the customer perspective together with your business goals. In the project team, we see our role as the "voice of the customer", concept developer and moderator.

We are committed to a lean and pragmatic approach. We want to develop as much as possible together with you to reduce documentation and time-consuming coordination meetings to a minimum. The canvas-based framework helps us to achieve this.

Step by step

We follow a step by step approach in our work with you, because we are convinced that only an agile and iterative approach will bring you quickly to your goal. We take the steps together and decide what is going to be appropriate next step based on what we have learned and achieved.

Accordingly we offer every step when we come to it. With us there are no "monster project offers", which are already obsolete after printing!

Get systematically proof of what works

We strongly believe that a structure makes you fast. Our canvas-based approach confronts you step by step with one question at the time. This way you make sure that your team always works on the right scale and keeps the focus. In a collaborative setup this allows fast progress.

Lean Service Design is a lean five step approach. It helps you to sharpen the purpose of your project based on user needs and business objectives and identify relevant opportunities. From there you and you team can generate innovative ideas and translate them into concrete experiments. That’s the way to get evidence what works and what maybe not. All this can be done in one week. We call it the LSD Design Sprint.

Curious? We contact you to answer any open question

We enable your organization

You want to enable your organization to develop services and products quickly and efficiently. We train your teams in the methods of Lean Service Design and its result focused application. Benefit from first-hand knowledge directly with the creators of Lean Service Design.

Training program & coaching

We have developed a training program which we can customize to fit your organization and your needs. We are convinced that theory is an important basis, but the long-term added value is the application in concrete projects. Therefore we accompany you and the teams as coaches and mentors in your current projects. Get in touch to start transforming your organization!

One day trainings

For those who want to understand what Lean Service Design is and how it works, we have developed a one-day training course. On a case you will learn hands-on the mechanisms of LSD. You will get to know like-minded people and benefit from the exchange.

If you wish, we can also conduct the training individually and exclusively at your company with your team. We also recommend the training as an introduction for a project with Atfront.

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